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firequeen_azula's Welcome:
I love vampires and the twilight series, so I thought that there should be a community for this fandom. Here you can post icons, fanart, fanfics and anything else related to the fandom of the twilight series but we want to focus on fanfics. There are only a few rules!

korovee's Welcome:
As Zula says above, I love twilight as well. And as Zula says before me, there are rules here, so if you follow these rules, it'll be simple enough. [;

humorme1901's Welcome:
Hi i love twilight and i think its great we have a community for it, I hope we can spread the love for this amazing book, and soon to be movie. We have some rules that should make this community fun for everyone so please follow them.

Have fun!
1. Posts need to be related to the twilight series
2. Mature content needs to be postsed under a lj-cut
3. Any spoilers or possible spoilers need to be posted under a lj cut
4. Trolling will not be tolerated
5. Ship bashing will not be tolerated
6. All links, fanfics, ect. needs to be posted under a lj-cut

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